Theater Arts Online

Prices: $400, per student, for 3 classes a day for 10 days, and $100 for each additional class. $150 for individual classes. Daily Showcase included.

Daniel Lipton, Director

Join us and explore the world of theater. This virtual performance program offers young entertainers a chance to explore the world of theater. We’ll participate in engaging acting, music, dance, and set design classes. Students will learn dialogue and choreography and help create scripts, sets, and musical numbers based on stories by Roald Dahl. We will offer supplement ideas and detailed emails throughout. Pick one class or all of them. All students are invited to join us for a daily showcase where students can share their projects with fellow program participants or participate in talent shows. 

2020 SUMMER THEME: Roald Dahl


Ages 5-8

9:00-9:45am- Acting Games

9:50-10:35am – Yoga & Movement

10:45-11:30am – Play & Songwriting

1:50-2:30pm- Art & Set Design

2:30-3:15- Storybook Theater

3:15-4pm- Daily Showcase & Talent Show 

Ages 8-12

9:00-9:45am- Improvisation

9:50-10:35am – Dance & Choreography

10:45-11:30am – Play & Songwriting

1:50-2:30pm-  Art & Set Design

2:30-3:15- Acting Games

3:15-3:30pm- Daily Showcase & Talent Show


Acting Games: Drama, comedy, tearjerker, you name it. We’ll play interactive games that include creativity, diction, mime, movement, character development, rhythm games, and more!

Yoga & Movement:  Take some time to relax, practice mindfulness, deep breathing, relaxation, and yoga. Students will learn techniques and strategies that they can then utilize independently.

Dance & Choreography: Clear a space in your living room and try out some awesome dance moves with an experienced dancer and movement instructor. You will also have a chance to work on creating your own professional choreography. 

Art & Set Design: Design a home stage by learning about set design through art projects using materials from around the house. We’ll look at sets from famous shows, figure out how they work, and concoct our own.

Improvisation:  Acting off the cuff is an art that takes critical and flexible thinking skills. We’ll give it a whirl.

Play & Songwriting:  We’ll dream up original scenes, share original songs, and perform as we go. There will be plenty of interaction and movement in this writing class.   

Storybook Theater: There are really terrific and well known stories out there. We’ll discuss some favorites and act them out ourselves.

Here is a sample of a game we may play:

Slow Motion Samurai : This warm-up will get us feeling silly, get the blood flowing, and help get us working together. All of us become Samurai with poisonous blades built into our forearms. We’ll learn to move with stealth and fortitude.

In order to register, you will need to fill out a form for each child (Click Here for the Form), and someone from our registration staff will contact you within 48 hours (M-F) to process payment over the phone. To see all the offerings in each program, please visit the individual program pages: