May 19: The Life & Legacy of Francis Ouimet – Brookline’s U.S. Open Champion


Join USGA Senior Historian, Victoria Nenno, and learn how a Brookline resident changed the game of golf!

May 19th (Online) 7-8pm

Victoria Nenno, Senior Historian with the USGA

Growing up in Brookline across from the 17th hole at The Country Club, Francis Ouimet changed the game of golf for good. In the late 1890s and early 1900s, the game’s popularity blossomed in elite sporting hotspots such as Newport, Boston, New York and Chicago, while the nation’s top tournaments were won by British and Scottish professionals. As a 20-year-old amateur from humble beginnings, Ouimet turned this narrative on its head, stunning the golf world with his victory at the 1913 U.S. Open. Sometimes called “the [golf] shot heard across the world,” he inspired a new generation of American champions and symbolized a nation striving to earn respect on a global stage. Though his victory alone would remain a watershed moment more than a century later, this was just the beginning of his impact on the game of golf. Learn more about Ouimet and his lasting legacy at a virtual lecture by USGA senior historian, Victoria Nenno. 

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