Speaker Spotlight: Dr. Arzum Akkas

Speaker Spotlight: Dr. Arzum Akkas

Dr. Arzum Akkas is an Assistant Professor of Operations and Technology Management at the Questrom School of Business at Boston University. Dr. Akkas strives to help her students understand environmentally sustainable supply chains. “It’s very fulfilling to advance knowledge about environmental issues and teach supply chain management with an environmental lens,” she says. “Students who elect my course tend to be conscientious and care about social issues, which is extremely rewarding for me because I feel like I can connect with them on a personal level, since we share the same values.”

Before her academic career, Arzum worked in the private sector for eight years as a consultant in supply chain management technology, an operations manager at a major consumer-packaged-goods company, and a management consultant. “I give real-world examples in class from my professional experience as much as I can,” she says.

“For me, teaching is essentially making an impact at scale,” Arzum says, “because many of the students we educate and influence in this program are going to go back into the real world and make an impact.”