SmartSummers Online 2020

A perfect combination of learning and fun!

Brookline SmartSummers, now in its 25th year, is run through Brookline Adult & Community Education. Our themed offerings have given a wide range of students from our community and beyond a chance to explore different topics, while also making new friends and engaging in lots of summer fun. SmartSummers staff are professional artists and educators from in and around Brookline. Many of our staff have deep roots in the Brookline Public Schools and have been with our program for over ten years. In typical summers, we create original musicals and perform them, build websites that showcase a wide array of computer skills, introduce young artists to new levels of creativity using a variety of mediums, play basketball, put on puppet plays, speak Spanish, and more! 

This summer, due to the coronavirus, we are planning to take our programming online. While we cannot offer our regular in person experience, we have put together a selection of classes that we are sure you will enjoy. Thank you for checking in to see what we’ve got.

All programs meet Monday through Friday, for one or two weeks, between July 6 and August 14, 2020.

Crafty ArtisteTheater ArtsCyberSummer

In order to register, you will need to fill out a form for each child (Click Here for the Form), and someone from our registration staff will contact you within 48 hours (M-F) to process payment over the phone. To see all the offerings in each program, please visit the individual program pages:

Here are your Scheduling/Pricing Options:
  • Enroll in 3 classes a day, for 10 days, for $400

    • Note: Selecting a class for 10 days could be ONE 10-day Theater Arts or CyberSummer offering, or TWO 5-day Crafty Artiste offerings.

  • Enroll in more than 3 classes a day, for 10 days, for $100 per additional class

  • If you want just one Crafty Artiste offering (5 days), the cost is $75 per class

  • If you want just one Theater or CyberSummer offering (10 days), the cost is $150 per class.

  • Each day our themed programs have a check in time at the end of the day. This is a free drop in time that you do not need to register for.

Click on this schedule below to see an overview of SmartSummers programs.