NEW classes this summer

From Medieval Cathedrals to Yoga in Italian! Explore these and the many other classes we’ve added this semester.

What’s new at BA&CE this summer? Plenty.

From studies of Gothic Literature to Investigations of Color and Healing in Art and Life, our list of what’s new is both diverse and dynamic. Because we’re always taking your feedback to heart, always working on ways to engage our students, always hoping to show off the talents of our teachers.

The result? More for you to explore this summer.

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Art and the Color Red

Art: Uncanny, Unconscious & Absurd!

Drawing Animals

The Sketchbook

An Investigation of Color and Healing in Art and Life

Windowscapes & Landscapes






Did the Roman Empire Fall?: An Exploration of the Various Histories

Gothic Literature

Medieval Cathedrals: Biblical Art & Cosmic Geometry in Stone

Reading Katherine Anne Porter



Yoga in Italian