Meditation in the Moment

No matter where you are, or what you’re doing, it’s possible and desirable to stop and look inward for a moment. Meditation, or learning to be with and observe your situation just the way it is, is an easy way to experience meaningful change in the space of a minute or two, and create a different, more relaxed, state of mind. There is no need to sit on a stool, wear special clothes, or contort your body, just plant your feet and breathe. On this night we’ll introduce you to a number of different meditative techniques that you can call on whether you’re perseverating on a past occurrence, in a boring meeting, on a train, or in an emergency situation. We’ll practice the one minute getaway, writing exercises, tuning into sound, and explore other avenues for mindful awareness. We’ll talk about all the times in our days when we can smell, taste, feel, and observe, and how to make it more peacefully through each day.

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