May 11: The Mothers of Gynecology – Enslaved Black Women

Collage of headshots of three black women

In the creation of a recent exhibit at Harvard University, artists Jules Arthur, Michelle Browder, Jeremy Daniel and Michelle Hartney dignify the experiences of Anarcha, Betsey and Lucy, the enslaved Black women J. Marion Sims operated on during the 19th century.

By shifting the narrative from that of the reported scientific advances of Sims’ corrective gynecological surgeries, these artists emphasize the profound significance of “The Mothers of Gynecology” by placing their stories at the center of their artwork and drawing light upon the fact that these women were unwilling subjects in experiments that resulted in medical advances.

Join Dell Hamilton, with the Hutchins Center for African & African-American Research at Harvard University and Lilly Marcelin, Founder and Executive Director of the Resilient Sisterhood Project for this revealing lecture on the legacy of these enslaved women and the indelible mark they left behind.

Note: This is an online lecture at 7pm. $15 registration fee. No discounts or waivers apply.

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