March 23: Avengers, Wildcats & Crickets: War in the Pacific

Avengers, Wildcats & Crickets book cover pageRussell Low, Chinese-American author

A continuation of “Three Coins,” Dr. Russell Low’s book “Avengers, Wildcats, and Crickets” is a rare personal glimpse of the War in the Pacific seen through the eyes and journals of five young American men who served on the USS White Plains in 1943–1944.

Their secret writings from eight decades ago tell a fresh and unfiltered dramatic story of heroic patriotism, loyalty, humor, tragedy, loss, and triumph. Four of these men were only teenagers when their country called on them to go to war on small Pacific Islands halfway around the world. The vivid first-hand accounts recorded in the journals of these men put you directly inside the Avengers, Wildcats, and Crickets. You will experience the battles through their eyes and voices.

In addition to their story, Dr. Low will share photographs, some never before seen, further bringing their story to life.

Dr. Low frequently lectures on Chinese-American history. His family’s story has been featured on the History Channel, National Public Radio, Public Radio International, the Voice of America, the California State Railroad Museum, and the Smithsonian Museum of American History.

Note: This is an online lecture at 7pm. $15 registration fee. No discounts or waivers apply.

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