January 25: The Seasons of Japan

Snow capped Mount Fuji shown in the distance with city in the foreground

The Seasons of Japan explores the country’s distinct cultural fervor when it comes to the delights of seasonal nuance: a ripening autumn persimmon, plum blossoms after a winter snow, vibrant hydrangea petals during the rainy season. Seasonality in Japan is appreciated in photographs, festivals, foods, fables, and often just in everyday life.

Take a calming and serene armchair tour of Japan’s natural beauty with a traveler who has lived in and visited this country many times, and through many seasons. Together we’ll delve into photographs and share adventures featuring some of the remarkable flowers, traditional eats, and celebrations that showcase Japan’s love of nature.

Wendy Dodek, who worked for over a decade as the lead educator at the Boston Museum of Fine Arts with a special interest in Japanese art, will also weave that background into this evening’s talk.

Note: This is an online lecture from 7:00-8:30pm.

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