January 24-March 7: End Emotional Eating Once and For All

Woman holding up a fork in one hand and plate of colorful food in the other

Are you ready to address your emotional eating and lose weight?  If you know in your heart that diets just don’t work, then it is time for you to take your first steps toward food freedom and leave dieting behind! Replace shame, guilt, disappointment, and any embarrassment you feel around your weight journey with empowerment, pride, and confidence – you are in control.

Formal diets often overlook the mental component to weight loss, making it likely that those pounds you took off with your last diet will creep back up and maybe even increase. End emotional eating through managing your thoughts, feelings, and beliefs about yourself. Take control of your eating habits, have more energy to direct towards things that fulfill you, and best of all, learn how to eat to reach your natural weight and maintain it without suffering and deprivation.

Join professional coach, Kristin Jones, in these transforming virtual sessions over Zoom.

Note: This is an online course in six sessions from 7:00-8:00pm. No class on February 21.

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