Housing Choices

First time home buyers, empty nesters, and retirees may struggle with the question of housing choices. Should you rent or buy? If you do buy, should you choose a condo or a house? When it comes to housing, the many factors that go into the equation of what’s best are most clearly seen when they are laid out in front of you. We’ll take our pencils and paper, and help you start the brainstorming process of making a pros and cons chart. We’ll talk about eliminating and adding expenses, opportunity costs, area prices, taxes, age, insurance, and more. We’ll also explore more personal items like your preference for a yard, a private entrance, additional financial obligations in your life, or the timing of your stay. We’ll wrap up the evening by offering you some guidance and tips for more general concepts of how to do the research and take the steps necessary to realize your housing dreams. If nothing else, this lecture will help you clarify your own personal and unique situation.


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