Embracing Sexuality as We Age: Keys to Vitality

Co-sponsored by the Brookline Community Aging Network in partnership with Brookline Adult and Community Education A common misconception in our youth- obsessed culture is that once a man or woman reaches 50, s/he loses interest in, or cannot enjoy, intimate relationships. Many older adults had little or no sex education in school, and are especially inclined to believe this fiction. The taboo in our culture on talking openly about sex has left many of us ignorant of the behavior of our peers, as well as self-conscious and even ashamed. In this informative presentation, discover the secrets to a satisfying sex life as you age, the surprising statistic about the number of older women and men who enjoy sex, unique and little-understood features of female anatomy, medically documented facts about sexual intercourse and outercourse, the many benefits of maintaining sexual health in mid-and later life… and the price of ignorance. Discussions will be conducted in an atmosphere of complete confidentiality; all questions are welcome.

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