Downsizing: A Fresh Look at Living Life with Less

Many of us are renovating, separating, divorcing, combining households, sending our kids off to college, or just looking to simplify and live a more pared down existence with less to maintain. Additionally, 8,000 Americans are turning 65 every day and many of these baby boomers are looking to move to a smaller home. Whatever your motivation, downsizing is about adapting, but when faced with a lifetime’s accumulation of stuff, it can be downright overwhelming. In this lecture, we will focus on downsizing in a positive light and develop strategies to make the process an opportunity to refresh our lives by letting go. We will also learn tactics that can help make decisions about possessions and develop a path to getting stuff out the door. Join an experienced organizer who will guide you through the process and make this time-consuming endeavor more approachable.

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