Declutter the Clutter

Do you carry anything in your backpack, handbag or briefcase every day that you never use? Will you be able to finish all the food you store in your refrigerator in the next two weeks? Do you keep clothes in your closet that you haven’t worn for the past three years? We want to fill our lives with joy, yet clutter can get in the way of living when the stuff stops adding value and becomes a burden. It is not easy to let go. We hold on to things for many reasons: They are from our loved ones. They are useful. They can become useful one day. We will discuss how to be ready emotionally for decluttering, how to keep the memories but let go of the things, and the effective ways to manage and organize possessions. Perhaps your family and friends have a clutter issue. Perhaps you would like to know a few new ideas yourself. Join us and learn how to travel light in the journey of life. In addition, we will also explore the topic of decluttering our schedules and decluttering toxic relationships from our social circles.

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