CyberSummer Online

CyberSummer Overview


Prices: $400, per student, for 3 classes a day for 10 days, and $100 for each additional class. $150 for individual class. Daily Showcase included.

Bob Miller and Jesse Kirdahy

    Up your computer know-how and spend time with your peers! Both beginning and more experienced techies can learn to design websites with sounds, photos, movies, and colorful text, direct commercials and movie trailers, develop animations using stop motion software, experiment with green screen special effects, explore especially designed Minecraft games, create and code games and more. Experienced computer users will deepen their knowledge and hone more practical skills while shooting music videos, making posters, producing animations, and taking on coding challenges. Minecraft, time in the scene shop, and CAD programs will also be offered. Please see the list below and pick all classes to enjoy a full CyberSummer experience or design your day by choosing individual classes


July 6-July 17: Session 01
July 20-July 31: Session 02
August 3-14: Session 03

Ages 7-10
9:00-9:50am- Minecraft
10:00-10:50am – Create a Website
11:00am-11:50pm – Make a Commercial or Movie Trailer
12:15- 1:00pm- Midday Study Hall
1:15-2:30pm- Scratch Mazes and Games
2:45-3:30pm- Animation
3:45-4:15pm- Daily Check In and Extra Help

Ages 10-13
9:00-9:50am- Minecraft
10:00-10:50am – Create a Website
11:00am-11:50pm – WeVideo / Computer Animation
12:00- 12:45pm- Tinkercad / 3D Design
1:15-2:30pm- Scratch Games
1:15-2:30pm- Coding Options
2:45-3:30pm- Graphic Design
3:30-4:00pm- Daily Check In and Extra Help. Final Friday Presentation.


Minecraft: Learn the secrets of Minecraft to explore unique worlds like a 3D Atlantis Resort or a Carnival Cruise ship, and discover the awesome power of building an empire.

Create a Website: Create a multi paged, information packed site using images, videos and text.  

Make a Commercial or Movie Trailer: You’ll sit in the director’s seat as you learn to write a script and direct your own commercial or movie trailer using the program We Video.You’ll also be a cast member and film editor as we combine drama and stock video clips. 

Scratch Mazes and Games: Create your own scenarios and characters using Scratch, a computer program developed at MIT that makes it easy to create interactive art, stories, simulations, and games.

Animation: Write, direct, and edit short narrative films using animated characters and accompanying artwork. 

Coding Options: Increase your technical proficiency and confidence. Learn basic code through fun and simple exercises that feel like games.

Tinkercad / 3D Design -Tinkercad is a free online collection of software tools that we’ll explore. We’ll learn to think, create, and make in 3D design, engineering and modeling.

WeVideo / Computer Animation: Making movies at home is getting easier and easier. Explore WeVideo and amazing tool for web-based video editing and make your movies imaginative and entirely your own while using stock footage, animated titles, and green screening. 

Graphic Design: Creating and build an online page with pictures, texts, and links easy, we’ll explore the basics of good graphic design and make eye-catching posters, personal logos, and digital artworks.

Daily Check In and Extra Help: Final Friday Presentation. -All students may gather as a group to discuss the day, find out updates, play group games, and get a little more CyberSummer fun time!

In order to register, you will need to fill out a form for each child (Click Here for the Form), and someone from our registration staff will contact you within 48 hours (M-F) to process payment over the phone. To see all the offerings in each program, please visit the individual program pages:

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