Computer Skills and Games: Minecraft, Graphic Design, Scratch, and Artificial Intelligence

Computer Skills and Games: Coding: Scratch Adventure Games, Artificial Intelligence, Graphic Design, and Minecraft Architecture

Design a Choose Your Own Adventure Comic Book in Scratch for ages 7-10

Eric Hansen, Instructor

Students will write their own choose your own adventure novels with multiple endings. Then they will learn to code their interactive story in Scratch by adding buttons that determine the path of the story. Students will add a couple of locations, the main character, and an obstacle or villain.

9:00-11:00am: December 28, 29, 30:  $122

Getting Smart About Artificial Intelligence for ages 8-12

Gabi Souza, Instructor

Put your thinking caps on as we learn more about how to teach a computer the skills that it needs in order for it to complete tasks and recognize behaviors. Artificial Intelligence (AI) is a blossoming technology, one that you probably already know more about than you think you do. We’ll use websites and tools created by MIT, Google and more, to train our own AI algorithms that shape and drive outcomes. This class promises to be exciting, fun and perhaps even a little creepy.


Layout and Design: Making Logos Using Sketchpad for ages 7-10

Eric Hansen, Instructor

Students will learn how to use a powerful digital design tool called Sketchpad, which is a free app as they design epic or beautiful logos and brand designs. Students will how color, contrast, and size can create appeal and notice.

11:15am-12:15pm: December 28, 29, 30: $70

Minecraft Architecture Adventure for ages 7-12

Eric Hansen, Instructor

Work as a team to design and engineer a project such as the Death Star from Star Wars, or the Atlantis Resort in the Bahamas. We’ll take time to talk about architectural strategies and good building practice. Once in action, students will learn how to use the “Wand tool” that speeds up the placement of blocks. Students will also learn how to place unconventional blocks not normally included in Minecraft such as burgers, juice, computers, toasters, and over 100,000 other objects. Players of all levels are welcome. This class requires “Minecraft Java Edition” for Mac OS, Windows, or Linux. If you don’t have a license, the instructor can provide you with one, priced at a discounted rate. Instructions will be sent a day ahead of the class. Discounts or waivers do not apply.

12:30-2:30pm: December 28, 29, 30:  $112