Cold War Culture in the US: 2 Session In-Person Class

man using a sledge hammer on the Berlin Wall


The Cold War powerfully shaped American foreign policy and our views of our overseas adversaries but less known is how it shaped our domestic, everyday attitudes, values, and worldviews.

In this two-part lecture series, the class will delve into how the Cold War molded the minds of many Americans on issues like how we viewed nuclear weapons, homosexuality, masculinity African-Americans and the Civil Rights movement, the traditional American family, capitalism, and the workplace.

As we move into a new era in American foreign and domestic policy, we will examine the legacy of the Cold War and how it influences our lives in the present day.

Day of the week: Saturdays
Time: 11:00am – 12:00pm
Location: Tappan Street Gym
Dates: 1/20/2024 – 3/23/2024
Number of sessions: 8

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