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several small piles of spices, herbs and peppers

Classic Indian Cuisine

Learn how to prepare many well-loved, traditional Indian dishes such as chicken koftas, baingan bharta, jeera rice, pan-fried parathas, Aloo Gobi, raita and more.

woman practicing Tai Chi in a park on a sunny day

Tai Chi for Seniors

One of the original ancient Chinese martial arts, tai chi is practiced today as a form of exercise. Tai chi movements are slow and even, and their continuous flowing poses will build your strength, endurance, coordination, and confidence. Classes will be taught in the yang style.

A male and female couple dancing in a tango pose

Argentine Tango: 9 Session In-Person Class

The tango has become one of the world’s most romantic partner dances and has been adopted by Argentina as its national dance. A few simple steps are all you need to get started, as this is not a difficult dance to learn, and there are numerous places to tango once you have mastered the basics.